EPX-500 Image Generation System

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Please contact us to learn about alternatives or to receive support.

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General Information

EP2-DBGS data sheet


Technical documentation is available to support the operation and maintenance of your product or system.

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We offer a wide range of training courses suitable for both individuals and groups. These courses can be aimed at varying levels from basic user operation to complex fault finding. Customer service engineers can visit your facility to conduct training courses.

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Services & Support

Field Support Services

Our comprehensive range of support and after-sales service is key to our success. With our global locations, members of the customer service team travel the world to assist customers in getting the best from their systems.

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Tailored Services

We offer a comprehensive range of ENCORE Service Agreements which can be tailored to your needs. Available features include: full time on-site support technicians, full spares inventory positioning, management and repair services, and fixed fee annual repair services.

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Maintenance & Repair

Rockwell Collins offers a full repair service for your system. We also operate an optional advanced module exchange service on some parts.

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Spares & Parts


At Rockwell Collins we are committed to the life-cycle of your system from design and development through the extensive operational sustainment. Advancements of new technologies are something we are continuously looking at to provide additional value to our customers.

To discuss options on your existing equipment contact a representative.

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Technical Support

Customer Response Center