Rockwell Collins receives AVIC/XAC Best Support Award

Rockwell Collins receives AVIC/XAC Best Support Award

From left: Lei (John) Feng, Jeff Almquist, Jake Sutherland, Zhaorong (Alice) Ye, Stephen Coffin, Lindy Carr, Xiaofei (Tony) Tang, Mark Gruette. Not pictured: Jinhao (Ken) WanClick to enlarge

Rockwell Collins’ extensive efforts in the Asia Pac region are not going unrecognized. In the past year, the company has received awards from all three major aircraft makers in the region—most recently earning the Best Support Award from AVIC/XAC. Earlier in 2016, Rockwell Collins received the Silver Supplier Award from COMAC and Partner of the Year Award from Mitsubishi.

Rockwell Collins began working with AVIC/XAC in 2007 when it established the MA60 turboprop aircraft series contract. The company’s strong performance from the start led to several new contracts over the years, including the MA600 with Pro Line 21™ and, most recently, the new MA700 aircraft with Pro Line Fusion®.

“Our team has worked hard to understand what it takes to create a winning relationship with this customer, and now we’re focused on making sure we hold our strong position,” said Stephen Coffin, Customer Support manager for Asia Pacific at Rockwell Collins.

Key to the company’s successful relationship was addressing issues AVIC/XAC was having with the equipment not performing as they expected. Following extensive research, Rockwell Collins realized the problems resulted from operational practices. The company then worked with the customer to put solutions in place for each of the issues. Solutions included onsite training, working with the customer on improved storage conditions, developing proactive maintenance procedures, moving repair capability to China, and conducting monthly reviews with the customer.

Coffin said that through these initiatives, Rockwell Collins has resolved the customer’s performance issues and continues to stay close to the customer to ensure no new issues arise. “We are also working closely with the airlines that utilize this aircraft to ensure their operation is as expected with our avionics.”

The Best Support Award was presented to representatives from Rockwell Collins at AVIC/XAC’s Aircraft Global Supplier Conference on Nov. 2, 2016, which was held in conjunction with the Zhuhai Airshow in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Story posted: November 17, 2016

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