Rockwell Collins teams up with the Society of Women Engineers

For Katie Allen, senior electrical engineer in Commercial Systems Architectures and Hardware, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has played an integral role in her professional development since she first became involved in the organization in college.

“I started out in SWE as a freshman in college. Thanks to SWE, I knew what to do at a career fair and got my first two internships,” shared Allen. “Once I joined the workforce, I came back to SWE in East Central Iowa to give back and encourage other girls to become engineers like SWE did for me.”

Uche Maple, senior manager of Mission Systems Engineering in Richardson, Texas, credits SWE for equipping her with resources and tools to be a more effective engineering leader and providing insights into some of the latest innovative ideas in the industry.

“I highly recommend people get involved in SWE because of the unique combination of personalized, flexible benefits in areas of mentoring, training, personal and professional growth,” Maple said.

Tami Wilcox, principal engineering manager for Software Development and Systems Engineering in Wilsonville, Oregon, is excited that there are now 12 new SWE members at her facility.

“SWE is a great avenue for fostering interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) early on and supporting females to pursue STEM through college and into their careers. It’s been a helpful resource for both me and my two daughters, who are also engineers,” Wilcox said.

Through the sponsorship of Tim Carson, human resource manager in Annapolis, Maryland, and Leigh Parker, vice president of Commercial Systems Engineering, Rockwell Collins provided complimentary SWE memberships to 200 U.S. employees. In addition to new members at Wilsonville and Richardson, the pilot program brought in new members from Sterling, Virginia; Annapolis, Maryland; Melbourne, Florida; Salt Lake City, Utah; Houston, Texas and other U.S. facilities.

“We formed this team as a way to empower female engineers and encourage males to become mentors and sponsors of female engineers in the company,” shared Allen. “This is the first time we’ve teamed with SWE but we’re hoping the success of this pilot program will enable us to extend more complimentary employee memberships in the future.”

Story posted: October 25, 2016

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