The most advanced electronic surveillance aircraft in the world inspires the most advanced training system.

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The challenge:
The U.S. Navy required fully integrated mission training systems to support E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircrews and maintainers.

As the Navy pursued replacing the E-2C aircraft with the E-2D, they faced the daunting challenge of developing an all-inclusive, integrated mission training system to train both front-end and back-end crew members and maintainers on the complexity and capability of the new aircraft systems.

An effective and affordable integrated training solution would be required to train crew members to high levels of competency while simulating high fidelity battle space awareness and situations encountered during multi-faceted mission operations. For realistic E-2D training, the solution must provide the capability for two flight trainers to fly together in “form mode” and a flight and tactics trainer to operate together as an aircraft in “coupled mode.”

Component integration would need to include training systems to replicate flight, mission and tactics training. The training solution would also require the development, implementation and delivery of curriculum, courseware and mission brief/debrief capabilities.

The training and simulation environment must accurately demonstrate the full capabilities of a totally integrated, next-generation training system.

The solution:
Rockwell Collins’ E-2D Hawkeye Integrated Training System – Aircrew (HITS-A) and Hawkeye Integrated Training System – Maintenance (HITS-M) programs. These programs integrate comprehensive training system elements to provide pilots, aircrew and maintainers with realistic, adaptable training.

HITS-A provides:

  • Tactics trainers
  • Operational flight trainers
  • Aircrew procedures trainers
  • Curriculum/courseware
  • Electronic classroom
  • Learning resource center
  • Mission brief/debrief

HITS-M provides maintenance crews blended training, ranging from classroom and computer-based instruction to device trainers. The system features:

  • Simulated maintenance trainer
  • Power plant (engine) trainer
  • Curriculum/courseware
  • Electronic classroom

The result:
HITS-A and HITS-M are used by the Navy’s Carrier Airborne Command and Control and Logistics Wing’s Fleet and Replacement Squadrons as well as the Hawkeye Weapons Schools providing the most realistic scene fidelity, image quality and performance available today. E-2D naval flight officers and maintenance personnel are now training using HITS-A and HITS-M.

Story posted: November 25, 2014

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